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the BY-KKS53-12 is a self service terminal equipment installed in public areas to provide public information and value added service, by taking use of the technology of web, touch-screen and multimedia。
Public information include: information query service (local news, municipal laws and regulations, international/internal news, sport/culture information) , electronic map service (public bus routes query, routes/change help) , and any other public information release and query。
Value added service include: any chargeable services such as public utilities charge collection, online shopping, mobile value recharge, public bus all-in-one card value recharge and tickets (movie ticket, lottery and air ticket included) .
BY-KKS85-15 can play its role at the community centers, shopping centers, business centers, hotels, bus stations and harbors.
BY-KKS85-15 is also the hardware supporting platform for city information and digitalization.



Touch displaying System

7 inch LCD

Control System
mother board
CUP: P3 800 以上;Memory:256MB;Hard disk:40GB

Service camera head
Image resolution:640*480
300 thousand pixel

Receipt printing
Width:80mm, thermal sensitive printing , automatic paper cutting (full cut) , paper run-out alarm , paper almost run-out alarm , paper jam alarm , paper roll DIAMETER :120mm。

Metal keyboard
16 keys metal keyboard d) , dust proof, water proof, prizing proof,

Phone : handset
Power supply control and others
Supporting timing on/off, it will automatically turn off in case of a power off, and automatically turn on when it is powered again.
The working status of the terminal, including its valve operation, vibration, and temperature fluctuation, may be remotely monitored.
Supporting voice prompt, remote code modification, and remote terminal restart.
Heating device
The heating device is provided to ensure that the unit will normally work even at -20C