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Model: BY-TKS145-17



Touch displaying System

◆ Display
1 piece NEC 17 inch LCD TFT

◆ Touch screen
17 inch explosion proof acoustic wave(dust proof, water proof , maintenance free, operation life over 50 million times and higher)

◆ Control System
M/B:ECS mother board
CUP: P4    Memory:256MB;Hard disk:40GB

Network Interface Card;10M/100M

◆ Receipt printing
Width:80mm, thermal sensitive printing , automatic paper cutting (full cut) , RS232 serial port

◆ Metal PIN pad
RS232 serial port
Water proof , explosion proof , dust proof, prizing proof , stainless steel panel , Special encrypting hardware chip is used for encryption and security, Supporting DES/3DES hardware encryption

◆Motorized Contact Card reader (magcard/IC card compatible
Port:RS232 serial port. Card reader applicable for the IC cards consistent with ISO7811-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 standard and accessible to the IC cards consistent with ISO7816-2 Standard

◆ Power supply control and others
Delux PC power supply

◆ Bill acceptor

For USD, with 1/5/10/50/100.capacity :500pieces

◆ Dimensions

1620mm(H) × 520mm(W × 300mm(T)

◆ Working conditions
Humidity:40%~80%(relative, without pressure reduction)