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Model: BY-KKS162-15B

BY-KKS162-15B is a self service terminal equipment installed in public areas to provide public information and value added service, by taking use of the technology of web, touch-screen and multimedia。
Public information include: information query service (local news, municipal laws and regulations, international/internal news, sport/culture information) , electronic map service (public bus routes query, routes/change help) , and any other public information release and query。
Value added service include: any chargeable services such as public utilities charge collection, online shopping, mobile value recharge, public bus all-in-one card value recharge and tickets (movie ticket, lottery and air ticket included) .
X7100 can play its role at the community centers, shopping centers, business centers, hotels, bus stations and harbors.


Technical Specification


Display     :

 15 inch LCD module

Control system
    Celeron 2 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40GB HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, 

Input and Output system
   64keys metal keyboard ( shield function key )

Power Supply and Others

  240V AC

     1622mm(H) × 522mm(W × 302mm(T)


Working Conditions
     Temperature : +5 ℃ ~+45 ℃
      Humidity : 40%~80%