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French fries vending machine with big AD panel


Model: FFVM1  (please email us for more detail informatoin)


Video:   please click    



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French fries vending machine with big advertisement panel.

Advertisement is another very important function, unlike drink vending machine which

need to occupy front panel to display various drinks,  french fries vending machine can

use front panel for Advertisement.Our FFVM2 have big light box for advertisement which

size at 1200mm * 1000 mm. big screen, locating crowd place, very  new and creative

machine attract millions of people,s eyes. this function can makes earn  one person salary,

even much higher, some location, like subway station or steet side, this advertisement can

be sold at over 800 us$ each month.






Capacity of fries: 20KG

Vending capacity: 150 portions

Height:  2000.5MM

Width:  1100MM

Depth:  735MM

Weight: 340kg

Vend cycle: 110 seconds

Any country? payment system with MDB protocol

Smoke-free and odor-free system

Potatoes freezing function

Mobile phone remoting function


      How to inspect perfect fries


   1.     Eyes

      • Color: golden color with crystal transparent(see the photo above)
      • Snap fries, the outside crisp skin should have around 0.8 mm thickness.
      • There is mash inside with some holes, which mean the mash is not full inside.


   2.     Nose: good smell


   3.     Mouth: Crisp outside and soft inside. Perfect flavor(with sauce)


   4.     Ear: crisp sound can be heard during eating.