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French fries vending machine without AD panel


 Model: FFVM2(please email us for detail information)


     By 5 years research and development, over million dollars cost, here is our innovative products: French fries


vending  machine.






VIDEO:    Please click 


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What is French fries vending machine?


French fries vending machine is a machine which can automaticly cook the potato chips after customers insert the bill or coin. process is as follows; vending company put the machine on pubic place----vending company operator load frozen french fries in the machine----customers insert bill or coins to the machine----machine despense and weight 150g frozen french fries----machine----deliver the 150g to fryer for cooking---after 90 seconds, the hot and fresh is ready in is paper cup----at same time, one sauce box is depensed by machine----customers open the door and take the cups with hot french fries and box with sauce and enjoy it.



How to inspect perfect fries



1.     Eyes

  • Color: golden color with crystal transparent(see the photo below)
  • Snap fries, the outside crisp skin should have around ?mm thickness. There is
  • mash inside with some holes, which mean the mash is not full inside.


2.     Nose: good smell


3.     Mouth: Crisp outside and soft inside. Perfect flavor(with sauce)


4.     Ear: crisp sound can be heard during eating.



SPEC of machine:


      Capacity of fries: 20KG


      Vending capacity: 150 portions


      Height:  1838MM


      Width:  1050MM


      Depth:  835MM


      Weight: 340kg


      Vend cycle:90 seconds


      Any country? payment system with MDB protocol


      Smoke-free and odor-free system


      Potatoes freezing function


      Mobile phone remoting function



The Must For This Business To Be Successful


  1. Regarding fries as a high class food which need good service good  maintenance and can be sold in good price.
  2. Location: Choose right place is most important for this business.
    • following place is our recommendati
      • Cinema Theater
      • Street side
      • School nearby
      • Railway station
      • Airpor
      • Shipping mall
      • Amusement par
      • Casin
      • Beer bar
      • Playground
      • Commercial building lobby or entrance
      • Park
      • Subway station  Etc..
  3. Environmental Sanitation: Cleaning is another important issue, because it is food business, clean including the ground around the machine(this action always ignored by operator. But it is must, because clean environment give people good appetite)within 10 meters, machine case and machine inside. All this must be cleaned like the Mcdonalds and KFC shop inside, if you can not keep this, the sales may decrease 50%
  4. Tasty: According to you the food habit in different place, choose the most favorite frying oil and sauce.
  5. Service: Loading and reloading the machine in time. Don? let the machine out of service long time so that will not lose your regular customers
  6. Price; As each portion fries made by vending machine instantly, the chips are hot and fresh with good tasty, also most convenience, the price can be little bit higher than fast food shop. You know, if the fried potato chips have not be eaten within 4 minutes, it will go soft and become bad taste. Fast food restaurant always fry a lot and sell it one by one. It takes long time to customer? mouth.